Guided Backcountry Skiing Trips to Antarctica

Ski down pristine Antarctic slopes while enjoying breathtaking views of the dark blue ocean. The journey starts in Ushuia, Argentina, on the southern tip of South America. From there, we board a ship and set sail for the Antarctic Peninsula crossing the Drake Passage. Albatross and pods of whales give way to penguins and seals who welcome us to this skier’s paradise. Shielded peaks of snow and ice stretch out in all directions as the ship navigates a tortuous passage of icebergs and fiords. The ship is our lavish base for day touring. It maneuvers to a new location each evening to provide a new venue for skiing each morning. Boat life is good on this Antarctic ski cruise; meals are expertly prepared by course and services abound. The ship life is a stark contrast to the natural void that surrounds the ship. After a week of backcountry skiing in Antarctica, we return north and meet back up with the reality of normal life.


Come springtime, the Antarctic Peninsula has a relatively moderate climate. Temperatures are similar to late winter in the mountains of the American West. Daylight abounds as it extends through the majority of the hours of the night. It is common to ski new powder snow after storms and soft corn during clear weather. The terrain is comprised of big, glaciated peaks that fall precipitously into the cold, salty ocean.


This Antarctic ski cruise is run in conjunction with Ice Axe Expeditions.


Join in November for the backcountry skiing experience of a lifetime! Space is still available but is filling fast.


Nov. 2 - Nov. 14, 2020


Lower Deck Twin:  -Sold Out-
Main Deck Twin (porthole): -Sold Out
Main Deck Twin (window): $13,995 per guest 
Main Deck Twin Single: $20,495 per guest
Upper Deck Superior: $16,495 per guest
Captain's Deck  Deluxe: $17,995 per guest
Captain’s Deck Suite: $19,995 per guest

Owners Suite: $21,995 Per Guest

All +$1500pp skiing fee.


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