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Guided Alpine Rock Climbing in Utah's Wasatch and the Uinta Mountains

The Wasatch provides a bountiful year round playground for alpine ridge climbing. In summer, when ridges are bare of snow, easy rock climbing and scrambling skills are needed, while in winter snow and mixed climbs are the norm. The beauty of climbing in the alpine lays in covering ground quickly over terrain less technical terrain than that of traditional rock or ice climbing. Through a special use permit of the USFS, we are able to access areas throughout Big and Little Cottonwood Canyons as well as areas within the Lone Peak, Twin Peaks and Mt. Olympus Wilderness Areas. 

Private Alpine and Alpine Rock Guiding

Alpine climbing is all about tagging peaks high in the mountains. Anticipate consistent movement on big outings and some time spent in exposed positions! In summer most routes can be travelled with sticky rubber approach shoes while in winter mountain boots and crampons are needed (or sometimes skis). Join us for a technical romp in the hills! 

Recommended Objectives:

Quartzite Routes           Rating     Grade*    Season^

Toledo West Ridge            Easy 5th     II          All

Superior South Ridge      Easy 5th     III         All

Mt. Olympus Traverse   5.5                IV       Sp, S, F

Geurt's Ridge                     5.5                III       Sp, S, F

Cottonwood Traverse    Easy 5th    IV       S, F

Triple Traverse                   4th               IV       S, F

Hayden Peak (Uintas)     Easy 5th    III       S, F

Granite Routes              Rating     Grade*   Season^

Pfeifferhorn N. Ridge       5.5            III          W, Sp

Limestone Routes       Rating     Grade*   Season^

Devils Castle Traverse     4th            II           S, F

* II   = Half Day

  III  = Full Day

  IV(+)= Long Day


W = Winter

Sp = Spring

S = Summer

F = Fall

Available: Route Specific

Trip Duration: 6-12 hrs

Group Size Ratio: 2:1 max

Experience: Basic rope skills


                 Group Size

             1              2

        $450         $275pp

Long Day: +$75pp


• Longer trips available upon request

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