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Canyoneering Guiding and Instruction in Utah's Wasatch Mountains

Lisa Falls Rappel

Small Waterfall Adventure

4 Hours

June - October



First Rappel GWI

Big Waterfall


6 Hours

June - October



gearing up.jpg



8 Hours

April - November



For good reason, canyoneering in Utah has exploded in popularity in recent years. The canyon landscapes of the state are simply remarkable! The exploration involved when descending one of the thousands of canyon labyrinths (in Utah alone) is unparalleled. Both canyon travel and rappelling require knowledge and proficiency with technical rope systems and  other specific techniques to maintain safety during outings. Proper instruction and guidance are essential in fostering safe travel techniques for both clients and future trip leaders. We are here to teach you the skills to make your canyon outings as safe as possible. Whether you are new to canyon travel entirely, an avid climber looking to expand your skills, or a canyon regular looking to keep current on the latest techniques, we have canyoneering courses and trips for all ability levels. We offer them locally here along the Wasatch Front around Salt Lake City. Alternatively, for a more immersive experience, our multi-day trips and courses in southern Utah are custom tailored to show you the best of canyoneering.

Big Waterfall Wasatch Canyoneering Adventure:

Looking to get wet while experiencing some high adventure? How does rappelling down a 700' waterfall in Little Cottonwood Canyon sound? Trips down the Big Waterfall (AKA the Great White Icicle in winter) are a fantastic way to enjoy the summer heat in the Wasatch! This is a physically challenging outing with a steep hike up to the top of the falls that is only suitable for fit and ambitious types who can cope with heights! The reward of the hike is tremendous view of the canyon followed by the unique experience of descending through a long and steep granite lined watercourse. Great fun!

Available: June - October (flow dependent)

Trip Duration: 6hrs

Group Size: 1-2

Number of Rappels: 4

Longest Rappel: 210'

Guide Ratio: 2:1


-Prior rappelling

-Confidence with steep hiking

-Good level of fitness


            Private Group Size

               1               2

            $450         $250pp

Big Waterfall
small waterfall

Canyoneering 101 - Intro to Canyon Skills

In this single day instructional clinic we teach you the basics to get you moving in introductory technical canyons as a safe and functional team member. We use instructional venues outside of technical canyons, which provide a safe and controlled learning environment close to home in the Wasatch Front.


Topics Include:

-Planning and preparedness

-Canyon ethics and Leave No Trace

-Interpreting canyon conditions

-Canyon ratings

-How to safely rappel

-Down climbing and spotting

-Anchor building and evaluation


-Rigging convenient and low impact rappel stations


-Adding group and personal security

-Equipment considerations

Available: 5/11, 6/8

Trip Duration: 8hrs + 1hr Zoom

Minimum Group Size: 1

Student/Instructor Ratio: 5:1

Minimum Age: 14 yrs



-Ability to walk off-trail on uneven terrain

-Moderate to good fitness

Course includes 730pm Zoom based evening session the day prior to the posted field day date

Group Rate: (on posted dates)


-Small Waterfall

-Big Waterfall

-Canyoneering 101

-Southern Utah

Small Waterfall Wasatch Canyoneering Adventure:

A great way to cool off from the summer heat! Climb up to and rappel down a granite lined watercourse concluding with a descent of a 150' waterfall! Located in Little Cottonwood Canyon, the falls (Lisa Falls) has a short approach and is suitable for a wide scope of abilities, including those without prior climbing or rappelling experience. Depending on the fitness and skill of the group, the outing can optionally include challenging rock scrambling and additional rappels. This trip is treated as an instructional outing; with rappelling skills taught in a controlled setting at a separate venue to start the day.


Available: June - October (flow dependent)

Trip Duration: 5hrs

Group Size: 1-6 (inquire for larger groups)

Number of Rappels: 2-5

Longest Rappel: 110'

Guide Ratio: 2:1

Minimum Age: 10 yrs


-Ability to walk off-trail on uneven terrain

-Moderate to good fitness

-Adventourous spirit



                       Private Group Size

     1         2     /    3           4     /    5          6

 $350  $200pp  $150pp  $125pp $130pp $125pp

Private Booking Rates: 

                        Group Size

        1           2             3            4 + 

     $450    $275pp   $200pp    $163pp

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