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Oquirrh Mountains, Utah - Salt Lake's Other Range

Where are the Oquirrhs?


Ever wonder what those mountains are on the other side of the Salt Lake Valley and what the skiing would be like there? Well, those are the Oquirrhs (pronounced: Oh-Kers) and the skiing there can in fact be extremely good.

The Oquirrhs rise close in height to much of the Wasatch Range and are home to some of the longer continuous fall lines in the region. The diverse scope of terrain includes everything from wide open, moderate angled bowls, to super steep treed alleys and everything in between. Due to long approaches on foot in winter and a restriction on snowmobile use, much of the area is also largely devoid of other people, which makes the range a perfect private playground, if one can get there.

By helicopter the Oquirrhs are minutes away from Salt Lake International, and miles away from the rest of reality.

Private Charter Heli Skiing


The advantages of skiing from a helicopter private to an individual group are numerous. Unlike most normal heli ski operations which fly multiple groups with one aircraft, on a day skiing with Backcountry Pros the helicopter is exclusive to your skiing group alone. There is no opportunity for groups to be mixed so you will never be limited by the ability of a random participant. We also can move as fast or slow as we like, as the helicopter will always be waiting and not the other way around! There is also never any fear of someone else getting to and skiing that line you've been eyeing all morning first. Here, it's only you and the mountain.

Trips usually meet at 730am (weather depending) at Salt Lake International. Then it is boots on and we are away for the day!

Available: Late December - late April

Trip Duration: 8+hrs

Group Size: 1-8

Runs: ~9 (weather and ability depending) More runs are possible for additional fee if time allows.


$9,000 1-4 people (one load - one guide)

$16,000 4-8 people (two loads - one guide each load)

A deposit of half fees due is required for a booking. In the event of poor weather on the day of the outing and it doesn't work to reschedule, a full refund will be issued.

Trips are based on availability so it is best to book well in advance!

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