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Overnight, Guided Backcountry Yurt Ski Trips

Think full-immersion therapy. Experience the wonders of the wilderness on a multi-day, guided trip deep into Utah’s winter mountains. Virgin snow abounds and it is wild! Cozy yurt life is a welcome step back in time; it is removed from the ever-present demands of society. A yurt trip is a skiers’ paradise and the ultimate disconnect. Life slows down and thoughts of powder turns and what’s for dinner become the only thoughts that matter. Skiers come together in the process and fill the yurt and the mountain surrounds with childish exuberance. These are exceedingly memorable trips.


We offer multi-day, yurt-based ski touring trips in the Uinta and Bear River Ranges. Our most comfortable trips start at 4 days/3 nights. This allows for a day to travel to the yurt and get established on the front end of the trip; a day to get out on the back end of the trip; and two full days of glorious skiing in the middle. Shorter trips are possible; however, it might feel rushed because of all the logistics involved. Regardless of the trip’s duration, once there you will not want to leave!


All trips are all-inclusive and guided as private groups in privately booked yurts. In general, trips are more affordable with more people since they are calculated on a per-person basis. On most trips, it is possible to hire a porter to help carry gear to keep individual pack weight down. The use of a snowmobile or tracked vehicle for egress is also possible on some trips.


Uinta Mountains Yurt Trip

The Boundary Creek Yurt serves as a fantastic base for overnight ski touring trips. The yurt sits in a designated non-motorized portion of the Uinta Mountains. Beautiful, north facing glades are right out the front door of the yurt. Terrain is extensive and there are numerous options for longer tours. We start the trip by riding in an over-snow vehicle to the edge of the motorized perimeter; we then skin the remaining two miles to the yurt; from there, skiing opportunities abound!

Available: Please contact us for current availability. 

CoVid19 vaccine necessary

Group Size: 1-5

Trip Duration: 3-6 days

Client/Guide Ratio: 4:1


                        Private Group Size

               1           2            3           4+    

2D/1N $2000  $1100pp  $775pp  $700pp

3D/2N $3000 $1625pp $1200pp$1000pp

4D/3N $3800 $2000pp $1500pp$1250pp

Uinta Yurt
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