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Guided Backcountry Ski Touring in Utah's Oquirrh Mountains

There are many peaks in the mountains of northern Utah that simply put, are difficult to access on foot in the winter. Consequently, these areas see little if any skier traffic offering some remarkable ski/snowboard touring. This trick is getting there.


Helicopter travel enables access to these once impractical areas. A whole new list of potential ski areas and objectives ensue. We have the ability to land in specific zones in the surrounding area, far from the crowds and hubbub of the rest of the Utah ski scene. Just as with our terrain accessed tours, all of our heli-accessed ski touring trips are guided with attention to a group’s interests and abilities. We will customize our terrain choices and routes to the group and to individuals’ desires. We aim to safely ski the best snow and terrain we can on the given day! 

-Heli Assisted Ski Touring

Heli Assisted Ski Touring


There is no faster way to start a ski day than by helicopter. Catch a heli bump out into the mountains in the morning and spend the day touring in virgin, otherwise inaccessible, backcountry. Depending on the objectives, the weather, and the ability of the group, we can ultimately ski out to a roadway at the end of the day or get picked up and fly out.


Since these unique trips are based on availability, it is best to book well in advance.

Available: late December - late April

Trip Duration: 8+hrs

Group Size: 1-8


1-4 people: $6000 total

5-8 people: $8500 total

Heli Assisted Touring
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