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Crest Simeon


Crest holds a lifetime passion for the mountains and became a guide after growing up surrounded by the soaring peaks of the Swiss Alps. Skiing and climbing are simply part of life for the Swiss, and Crest is no exception.


In his formative years, Crest passionately pursued alpine ski racing; as an adult, he brings that the same zeal to backcountry skiing. Whether on alpine touring gear, telemark skis, or a snowboard, Crest’s ear-to-ear grin is a constant as he searches out long and deep powder runs. In the warmer months, Crest is drawn to the ever-present challenges and tremendous rewards found with rock climbing. Crest’s casual, steady, and caring demeanor brings out the best in all types of people from the “never-evers” to the seasoned veterans.


Based in Salt Lake City, Utah, Crest is on track to become an IFMGA (international) Mountain Guide. Crest lives with his wife Rachel and young daughters Ela and Yara. The family of four do their absolute best to explore the vast and diverse Utah landscape.

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