Guided Backcountry Skiing Trips and Instructional Courses in Northern Utah

Come ski unforgettable snow in the challenging terrain of the Wasatch Range for a guided experience like no other!


A wonderful combination of natural factors provide Utah’s Wasatch Mountains such great skiing conditions so much of the time. The skiing areas are truly world class. Yes, the area receives lots of snow with more than 500 inches annually of mostly dry, hero quality snow in favored locations; however, snow is just one part of the story. Other factors include: optimal elevation, desirable latitude, moderate climate, long and even fall-lines, fall-lines with pitch, sparse tree cover, often favorable snow stability, and remarkable easy access. These factors all contribute to make the backcountry skiing experience in Utah remarkable and unique. The Backcountry Pros is permitted to operate throughout the USFS lands of the Salt Lake Ranger District including throughout Big and Little Cottonwood Canyons. Skiing is the “high” of choice though the Wasatch Mountains; but don’t worry because you can get a drink in Utah.


Private Ski Guiding

Ski or split-board tour to the best snow and terrain that we can safely explore on the given day. For each guided group, we take pride in custom tailoring every trip around the needs and desires of the group. We can focus on skiing and riding powder; skiing steeps; or teaching and refreshing techniques to help you become more proficient in the mountains. Access to tours depends on the groups’ objective. Many outings might start by walking from the car at roadside, and others might while others might gain the high country by ski lifts* or helicopter.*

* = At additional cost. Access from Alta and Brighton at discounted rates. For Heli access:  Heli Rates 

Available: November - June

Trip Duration: 6-9hrs

Minimum Group Size: 1


                                 Group Size

               1                 2                 3                4 - 5


   1     $400        $250pp      $200pp        $150pp

   2    $750        $475pp       $383pp        $300pp

   3   $1,050      $675pp       $550pp        $450pp

   4++$275/d +$188/dpp  +$158/dpp   +$150/dpp

•Please inquire for help with accommodations

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