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New Guided Ski Touring Trips Available

This winter season we are very excited about a variety of new guided ski touring trip options here in Utah including helicopter assisted ski touring in the Wasatch and Oquirrh mountains, snowmobile assisted ski touring in the Uinta Mountains and Yurt based multi-day ski touring trips in the Uinta and Bear River mountains.

Helicopter Assisted Ski Touring

We are truly excited to be offering helicopter assisted guided ski touring in the remote outlying terrain in the Wasatch and adjacent ranges this season. With a quick air lift up we are able to access the lesser used terrain of the Session Mountains in the northern Wasatch as well as terrain in the southern Oquirrh Range that are both otherwise very difficult or impractical to access on foot. Depending on conditions, the group and the exact location we can fly in and then tour out to a road at the end of the day or fly back in. In some situations, a few heli-ski runs may also be possible to incorporate into a day. The terrain in the Sessions is similar to that in the Cottonwoods, with beautifully gladded coniferous runs and big open bowls. In the Oquirrhs there is a surprising diversity of terrain, but in general slopes are quite long and wide open though there is a possibility of long and steep treed runs if stability allows. Trips start at $699pp Quad

Uinta Mountain Ski Touring

Under an exclusive USFS permit for the area ride deep into the Northwestern Uinta mountains on snowmobiles to what will effectively be your private mountains for the day. Skin up, leave the snowmobiles behind and relish the wilderness on a ski/split-board tour. We'll go to the best snow and terrain that we can safely go to on the given day. Much of this remote country has seen very few skiers over the years, if ever at all. Trips start at $325pp Quad.

Yurt Trips

We are thrilled to announce the availability of yurt based ski touring trips in the Uinta Mountains at the Boundary Creek and Ridge Yurts as well as in the Bear River Range at the Bunchgrass and Steam Mill Yurts. There is no better way to experience the mountains than an intimate trip with friends immersed in the hills on a private trip! The ski terrain is quite diverse in both mountain ranges and suitable for most all groups. Demand is high for the yurts so booking well in advance is key to getting a spot!

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