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Advanced Techniques for Wasatch Backcountry Skiing by The Backcountry Pros

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Skiing in the backcountry of the Wasatch Mountains is an exhilarating experience that reveals the breathtaking beauty that nature has to offer. This vast expanse of untouched snow is the ultimate playground for those who dare to venture beyond the boundaries of established ski resorts. With its unpredictable terrain and challenging conditions, it requires an advanced level of skill set to tackle it. Throughout this article, we'll dive into the advanced techniques employed by the pros to make the most out of Backcountry skiing.

Respecting the Mountain Environment

Respecting nature and striving to limit your impact on the mountain environment is an essential part of backcountry skiing. Consider eco-friendly practices such as carrying your waste with you, avoiding disturbing wildlife, and sticking to established trails (when snow free) when possible.

Safety precautions in Backcountry Skiing

Before venturing into the backcountry, it is crucial to equip yourself with the necessary safety gear. Avalanche transceivers, shovels, and probes are among the essential equipment any backcountry skier should possess. Understanding the terrain and being able to recognize avalanche-prone slopes can make your trip much safer.

Finding the Optimal Skiing Path

Finding the optimal path comes with experience. It's about analyzing the terrain and snow conditions and then making calculated decisions on where to aim your skis.

1. Where is it safe to ski?

2. Where is the snow quality best?

3. Where will other individuals likely be?

FAQs on Advanced Backcountry Skiing

What skills are necessary for backcountry skiing?

Aside from advanced skiing techniques, you need to be proficient in reading mountain terrain and applying knowledge of current conditions to one's terrain selection. Survival skills such as CPR/first aid and navigation are also a must.

What gear is necessary for backcountry skiing?

Besides the basic skiing gear, you'll need safety equipment like an avalanche beacon, probe, and shovel and have knowledge of their use. It's also wise to carry first aid and survival gear.

How physically demanding is backcountry skiing?

Backcountry skiing is quite strenuous. It requires a higher level of fitness than resort skiing as you'll be hiking uphill and skiing downhill.


Backcountry skiing in the Wasatch allows you to experience nature in its most raw and exhilarating form. It's not easy, and it requires serious preparation and advanced skills. But with respect for nature, the right gear, and these advanced techniques, you'll be on your way to experiencing one of life's greatest adventures.

About The Backcountry Pros

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