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Climbing Gear Essentials by The Backcountry Pros in Utah

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With its stunning landscapes and spectacular formations, Utah offers outdoor enthusiasts a myriad of adventures. Among the most thrilling of these are its iconic rock climbs. Climbing in Utah, especially in its backcountry, isn't simply about scaling peaks, challenging as they may be. It's about encountering nature at its most dramatic and raw, about testing one's limits and finding beauty and resonance in the process. Exploring iconic climbs with the backcountry pros presents an unparalleled opportunity to experience Utah's breathtaking beauty and majesty.

Why Climb in Utah’s Backcountry?

Utah is home to some incredibly challenging and gratifying climbs, many of which are located in its wild, untamed backcountry. From the alpine splendor of the Uinta Mountains to the desert cliffs of Southern Utah, the number and diversity of climbing routes make Utah a must-visit destination for climbers.

Spotlight on Iconic Climbs

1. Castle Valley: Desert towers sit perch around the surrounding landscape. Castleton Tower is perhaps the most known and the North Chimney and North Face routes are area classics.

2. Zion National Park: Offering desert climbing experiences, Utah’s first national park has a rich climbing history. A standout is Moonlight Buttress, an iconic sandstone challenge.

3. Canyonlands: Wild desert towers including Washerwoman, Monster tower and Moses. The standout route in the area is Primrose Dihedrals

The Backcountry Pros

Guided by experienced backcountry pros, climbers can feel safe and secure while enjoying an unforgettable adventure. These experts provide valuable advice, safety tips, and encouragement to help climbers successfully navigate these iconic climbs.


What is the best season for climbing in Utah?

The best season for climbing in Utah often depends on the specific climb. Generally, spring and fall are the best seasons because of cooler temperatures and less precipitation.

Can beginners climb in Utah's backcountry?

Absolutely! There are several routes suitable for beginners. The backcountry pros offer guided climbs for beginners, ensuring a fun and safe climbing experience.


Climbing in Utah's backcountry is an unparalleled experience, offering breathtaking views and pushing climbers physically and mentally. Whether you're an experienced climber or a beginner looking for a challenge, the backcountry pros can help you experience these iconic climbs in the safest and most rewarding way possible.

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