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The Backcountry Pros' Fitness Guide for Wasatch Backcountry Skiing

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For many, Wasatch Backcountry skiing is some of the most exhilarating and rewarding adventures one could experience. But carving your path through untouched powder is no walk in the park, it requires strength, stamina, and preparation. To reach peak performance and avoid potential injuries, there are specific fitness regimens that are recommended by professionals in the field.

The Importance of Cardiovascular Exercises

Continuous motion is key in backcountry skiing, making cardiovascular fitness a significant aspect of any fitness guide. Low-intensity, long-duration activities such as jogging, cycling, or swimming can be extremely effective in improving your endurance in the snowy alps.

Recommended Cardio Exercises

1. Trail running: The uneven terrain helps to develop individuals' balance, which is crucial for skiing.

2. Swimming: A full-body workout that is easy on joints, making it ideal for older individuals.

3. Biking: Great option for cross-training as it engages different muscle groups than running.

Strength Training for the Wasatch Backcountry

While cardio is critical for enduring the prolonged physical endurance of backcountry skiing, strength training is equally necessary. Building your core and lower body strength can significantly increase your control over your skis.

Suggested Strength Exercises

● Squats: A comprehensive exercise that boosts lower body strength, with a focus on the thighs.

● Planks: An effective way of working your core, which aids in stability on uneven ground.

● Lunges: Target the glutes, hamstrings, and quadriceps which are vital for skiing.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long should I train before my backcountry skiing trip?

Preparing oneself physically varies greatly with one's fitness level. Generally, a training period of 8-12 weeks is recommended for those new to a fitness regimen.

Should I work out every day?

No, it's important to give your body time to recover. Aim for 3-4 workout sessions per week, each focusing on different muscle groups.


Backcountry skiing in the Wasatch offers an incredible experience that challenges the boundaries of your endurance and strength. Aimed at helping you conquer those snowy mountains, this unique fitness guide provides a blueprint for the necessary conditioning required. Remember, everybody is unique in their abilities and limits. So, train hard, but most importantly, stay safe and listen to your body. Happy skiing!

About The Backcountry Pros

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