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The Backcountry Pros' Guide Preparing for Wasatch Backcountry Skiing

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Wasatch Backcountry Skiing offers not just invigorating outdoor adventure while ski touring, but a unique way to witness the stunning natural beauty of Northern Utah's Wasatch Mountains. The following guide provides insights into how professional skiers prepare for such thrilling escapades, enabling both seasoned adventurers and novices alike to maximize their enjoyment.

Understanding Wasatch Backcountry Skiing

Wasatch Backcountry Skiing and ski touring involves traversing the untouched snowy slopes of the Wasatch Range. This form of skiing presents a stark contrast to traditional resort skiing, offering more challenging, exhilarating, and serene experiences.

Physical Preparation

Robust physical fitness is a must for tackling the backcountry. Skiing in the Wasatch Range can be physically demanding, involving long hours and substantial climbs.

1. Aerobic Fitness: To build your stamina, consider running, swimming, or cycling for extended periods.

2. Strength Training: Focus on exercises that strengthen your core and legs, such as squats, lunges, and planks.

3. Flexibility: Regular stretching can help minimize the risk of injury.

4. Acclimatization: Spending at least a couple days at altitude first before ski touring will lead to a far more enjoyable experience

Gear Up Properly

Your equipment is crucial for your safety and skiing efficiency. Here is what you should pack:

1. Skiing Equipment: This includes ski touring skis, boots, poles, and bindings especially designed for backcountry skiing.

2. Avalanche Safety Gear: Be armed with an avalanche transceiver, shovel, and probe.

3. Emergency Supplies: Pack a first-aid kit, water, food, and a method of communication.

Master the Skills

Backcountry skiing requires mastering certain skills beyond what's required on groomed resort slopes.

1. Powder Skiing: Unlike groomed slopes, backcountry paths are full of fresh, soft snow, known as powder.

2. Route Finding and Navigation: The ability to identify routes that are safe on the given day and adjust to the current conditions are critical skills.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of clothing should I wear for Wasatch Backcountry Skiing?

Layer your clothes to regulate body temperature. Invest in moisture-wicking base layers, insulating middle layers, and waterproof outer layers.

Do I need professional training before hitting the backcountry?

Yes. A certified guide or instructor can teach you crucial skills and safety measures for backcountry skiing. Before going into the mountains alone, any users should take a Level I avalanche course and be able to interpret and plan travel around a daily avalanche bulletin.


Preparing for Wasatch Backcountry Skiing is as exciting as the adventure itself. Implement these Pro guides, and you are one step closer to an unforgettable skiing experience. Remember, the joy of backcountry skiing lies in overcoming unknown challenges and admiring the beauty of untouched nature.

About The Backcountry Pros

The Backcountry Pros are renowned for their expertise in outdoor adventures, offering a variety of thrilling experiences for enthusiasts. If you're looking to explore the majestic Wasatch Range, their Wasatch Backcountry Skiing tours are a must-try, perfect for those who crave the excitement of skiing in pristine, untouched snow. For rock climbing enthusiasts, The Backcountry Pros provide an exceptional Utah Rock Climbing experience, guiding you through some of the most scenic and challenging routes in the area. They also offer comprehensive Utah Backcountry Skiing tours, ideal for both beginners and seasoned skiers looking to conquer the Wasatch Range's diverse terrain. If you're heading to Moab, don't miss the opportunity to hire a Moab Climbing Guide through them, ensuring a safe and exhilarating climbing adventure. Lastly, for an unforgettable experience navigating through the rugged landscapes of Utah, their Utah Canyoneering courses are second to none, offering both thrill and education in the art of canyoneering.


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