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Whether it's a day backcountry skiing in Utah's Wasatch mountain peaks, a 'tough as nails' day of alpine ascents or desert crack climbing in Red Rock Canyons, or a multi-week journey in Alaska, we have you covered. Each trip is custom-tailored to meet your goals.

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We offer industry-leading experiences with particular attention to safety and professionalism to help you leave the mountains with a new understanding of what is possible. Our highly capable guides are professionally trained and/or certified through American Mountain Guides Association (AMGA) guide training programs specific to the terrain they work to ensure consistency between guides and overall continuity as a team.

Wizard Rings - Chugach Mountains
White Pine Creek, Utah
White Pine Canyon, Utah
Lambs Canyon, Utah
Mt. Superior, Utah
Middle Slope, Utah
Kessler Peak, Utah
Honeycomb Peak, Utah
Antarctic Ice Bergs
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Expert Facts On Utah Rock Climbing:

  • Utah is home to some of the best rock climbing in the world, with numerous rock types and styles suitable for all ability levels.

  • Climbing is inherently dangerous.

  • A qualified guide or instructor can teach you proper techniques and help keep you safe while climbing. 

  • Specific safety equipment such as harness, helmet and ropes are use to further mitigate risk.

  • Weather conditions often dictate whether climbing is safe or not, and can change quickly.

  • There are many different styles of climbing, from bouldering to sport climbing, traditional climbing and alpine.

  • Different rope system configurations allow for climbers from advanced to beginner to learn and enjoy the sport safely.

  • Climbing is physically demanding  - the harder or longer a climb, the more conditioning, knowledge and experience that is needed.

  • Climbing routes involve problem-solving - figuring out how to position oneself relative to the weaknesses of the wall is all part of the challenge!

  • Don't forget to enjoy them the views and respect nature in the immersive environment climbing provides.

Expert Fact On Utah Backcountry Ski Touring:

  • Utah is home to some of the best backcountry skiing and snow quality in the world.

  • The backcountry environment provides for skiing in fresh, untracked snow in a near limitless diversity of terrain.

  • Backcountry skiing is inherently dangerous.

  • A qualified guide can teach you proper techniques and help keep you safe while backcountry skiing. 

  • Skiing in Utah can be an exhilarating experience for all levels of skiers, but skiing in the backcountry should only be attempted by advanced level skiers or greater.

  • Weather and avalanche conditions during and leading up to a day of backcountry skiing dictate whether it is safe or not - Appropriate terrain selection for the given day out is a must.

  • Avalanche safety equipment and knowledge of its use is a must for backcountry travel.

  • Backcountry ski touring is physically demanding, requiring a combination of aerobic and anaerobic strength, different from regular alpine skiing. Altitude often plays a significant role in a participants capabilities.

  • Perhaps the most rewarding attribute of backcountry ski touring is time spent in nature under ones own power. We are visitors in the mountainous backcountry and we must respect it.



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